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Professor Gil Bar-Sela

Medical center "EMEK"
Israel, Afula

Professor Gil Bar-Sela is a renowned professor of cancer, a specialist in supportive care for patients with cancer. A participant in international clinical trials, the main goal of which is to study the side effects of the treatment of oncological diseases. Professional experience over 20 years.

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Information about the doctor

Specialization of the doctor:

Treatment of melanoma and other skin tumors, treatment of sarcomas, clinical research in the field of alternative medicine and supportive therapy for cancer patients


Education Gil Bar-Sela:

1995: Graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of the University. Ben Guriona, Beer Sheva, Israel 
1997-2003: Residency in oncology and radiotherapy, Rambam Medical Center, Haifa, Israel 
2005-2006: Research work in the study of oncology, scientific institute Cancer Institute (NCI), Maryland, USA. * Internship in the field of alternative cancer therapy, Dorn Medical Center, Switzerland, Gardika, Germany 
Since 2010: Head of the Palliative Therapy Department of the Rambam Medical Center 
Since 2013: Deputy Head of the Oncology Department of the Rambam Medical Center

Since 2018: Head of the Department of Oncology at MC Emek


Academic activities:

Since 2004: Head of practical seminars for senior courses at the Faculty of Medicine of the Technion 
Since 2011: Associate Professor, Department of Oncology, Faculty of Medicine, Technion


Participation in professional organizations :

  • Israeli Medical Association;
  • Israeli Association of Oncology and Radiotherapy;
  • Israeli Association of Palliative Medicine;
  • Association of Oncology and Radiotherapy of the Mediterranean Countries;
  • European Cancer Association;
  • American Association of Cancer;
  • International Association for Palliative Medicine.
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