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The team is very caring and loving. They took care of me like a family member and not just a clinic patient. The overall experience was one of the most enjoyable of my life.


We have a complex cardiological disease, after going through many circles of consultations in different clinics, we realized that we need to go abroad for treatment. The clinic "Emek" accepted us, conducted a full consultation at all stages. Now we are going through rehabilitation after the operation. Thanks to the specialists of Medlogist for organizing a trip to a highly qualified cardiologist in Israel.



In 2020, I was diagnosed with autoimmune thyroiditis. Since then, I have been constantly re-checked at the Israeli clinic Assuta and am very pleased with our cooperation. Very pleasant responsive staff and a doctor who can explain the essence of the problem and the necessary measures in simple words and in a very accessible way. Thanks to!



First, I found out about Medlogist through a Google search. My squad needed to be exuberant in the next hour, "current Ukrainian medicine" did not give such an opportunity. Also, after new consultations, we were delighted in Israel. Great for efficiency and professionalism.



Thank you for your help, you cardinally changed my idea about exuberance behind the cordon and those who can improve my self-esteem.



Everything went well, although it was scary. At the beginning, we were very worried whether someone would be Russian-speaking or not, but an employee of the company came and helped us, took us everywhere and accompanied us. The doctor consulted, made an appointment for the operation. We were satisfied!



Перед онлайн-консультацией я консультировалась с несколькими врачами в Украине и для меня было очень важно получить ответы на многие вопросы, включая абсолютно дилетантские. Доктор Моше Паппа, не смотря на свою всемирную популярность, очень душевно, точно и правильно дал ответы на все мои вопросы. Доктор очень понравился, было видно, что он профессионал своего дела. Спасибо огромное Медлогисту


I'm genuinely impressed! Here at the EMEK clinic, I don't feel like I'm in a hospital, but rather like I'm in a spa or a multi-star hotel. Equipment and facilities are modern. The food is delicious. But most importantly - the staff is competent, sensitive to the needs of the patient, smiling. A simple "good morning" to a patient is very important. I have not seen such good care in other hospitals. I feel comfortable, which improves my emotional and physical condition. Thank you for choosing a clinic for treatment.


Thank you very much for your kind service. Thanks to the coordinators for their professionalism, smile, for being always ready to help. Thank you very much for the treatment.


Thanks to advanced medicine and good specialists, my father, after knee replacement surgery, can play football with children)) In Ukraine, we were told that an operation was needed. I immediately began to look for options abroad. Since everyone knows that Israel is an option, we turned to the best! Thank you very much!

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