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Israeli optical technology for diagnosing melanoma

Optical technology in Israel - an innovative solution in the diagnosis of melanoma

Timely diagnosis of skin cancer, including one of the most severe types of it - melanoma, can be of crucial importance for the patient, save his life. Until recently, the only possible way to study the nature of a neoplasm was its surgical removal followed by examination for the presence of cancer cells. This process is quite lengthy, so the final diagnosis and treatment plan could be significantly delayed.

Tel Aviv University employees have found a revolutionary solution in the field of skin cancer diagnostics using optical technology, which involves a non-invasive automatic procedure. The technology allows you to get instant results, and it is completely painless for the patient. The technique has passed clinical trials and has fully proven its effectiveness.

What is the essence of optical technology for diagnosing skin cancer?

Innovative optical technology makes it possible to distinguish between benign and malignant neoplasms, as well as their different types. Its development was carried out by the group of Professor Abraham Katzir, who conducted research on the basis of the laboratory of the Faculty of Exact Sciences of the University of Tel Aviv. Scientists have found that in infrared light, materials have different colors, as they differ in chemical composition. By directing infrared radiation with special devices, they determine healthy skin, benign and malignant tumors, which makes it possible to successfully diagnose melanoma.

Such a diagnostic system involves the use of optical fiber. It works as follows: one end of the fiber is attached to a "color" device emitting infrared color, and the other comes into contact with the patient's skin, after which a certain "color" of the lesion will be established within a few seconds.

This the technology has undergone clinical trials at the Israel Central Hospital. About a hundred patients with suspected skin cancer took part in them, a "color" assessment of neoplasms was carried out. Further, a biopsy of each suspicious lesion was sent for analysis to the pathological laboratory. As a result of research, it was found that indeed each formation has its own specific color. Detailed research findings can be found in Medical Physics, which first published the technology.

Benefits of diagnosing melanoma using optical technology

Key benefit This technique is the ability to quickly and clearly diagnose various types of lesions using "typical" colors. At the same time, for the patient, such a procedure is completely painless, and the doctor receives an instant result, in contrast to the currently used methods, which take time.

Melanoma is one of the most dangerous types of skin cancer. Melanoma detected at an early stage, the thickness of which does not exceed 1 mm, has a favorable prognosis, and most patients recover after removal of the malignant neoplasm. A cancer of this type diagnosed at advanced stages significantly reduces the likelihood of recovery, therefore, timely diagnosis in this case is a vital necessity.

The advantages of innovative optical technology are obvious, and now the main task is to make it available to every clinic.

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