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Histology methods

Highly efficient methods of histology allow a comprehensive study of the nature, pathology and development of cells and tissues. This type of research is widely used to promptly make the most accurate diagnosis and determine the subsequent treatment system with increased efficiency.

Effective methods of histological research: features of their application

Main the stage of histo-analysis is the choice of the subject of research and the appropriate method for a thorough examination of the sample. These objects can be living or dead cells in the form of fixed structures. Samples can be:

What is the procedure for histology analysis?

The whole procedure includes several stages: sampling, its subsequent fixation, compaction and staining, which is done to improve the contrast of the tissue structure.

Modern methods of histological examination are a high-tech, 100% effective way to study a sample at the cellular level in the shortest time possible. The results of such analyzes are the most informative and fundamental for making the correct diagnosis.

Modern histological research methods

analyze the tissue structure, study the features of the development and presence of neoplasms of any nature. Ultra-precise research methods in histology are divided into several types:

  1. Light microscopy method - uses complex optical systems with a magnification of up to 2000 times. They make it possible to see the structure of cells, their finest details.
  2. Ultraviolet - uses a microscope with short wavelengths, which transform an indistinguishable image into a detailed one using a luminescent screen and a special wave converter.
  3. Phase- The contrast microscope is used to obtain images with enhanced contrast and accuracy.
  4. The electron microscope has an excellent depth of field and a wide range of magnification. Its resolution is many times higher than the light method of study.

Patients can choose available histology methods on their own or on the recommendation of a doctor. In any case, the reliability of the research results is very high and tends to 100%.

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