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Second opinion PET-CT - what is it?

What is PET-CT?

PET-CT stands for Positron Emission Tomography . This is a relatively new diagnostic method in medicine. In Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other post-Soviet countries, it is used relatively recently, but outside the CIS it has long been effectively used for the accurate diagnosis of a number of diseases (mostly PET-CT is effective in the diagnosis of oncological diseases).

What is the essence of PET-CT and how does it work?

The PET-CT method, in fact, consists in the introduction of special a preparation with an active substance, which, in simple terms, “highlights” the necessary areas for the device. The device for PET-CT looks very similar to the well-known tomographs for CT and MRI.

Why shouldn't PET-CT be done in Ukraine?

Despite the presence of the tomographs themselves, in Ukraine there is no radionuclide liquid used for research. This makes the procedure inaccurate! Therefore, a strong recommendation - before contacting a diagnostic center - to consult with our specialists - is it worth doing PET-CT in the chosen medical institution.

If you still decide to have PET-CT in Ukraine - know that you need to send the disc for revision!

Why is PET-CT used and prescribed?

Most often, PET-CT is prescribed to patients with suspicion or presence of cancer. PET-CT has high accuracy and a number of advantages over other methods of oncology diagnostics:

What does the second opinion PET-CT mean and why is this second opinion needed?

Second opinion PET-CT implies detailed analysis and interpretation of the results of PET-CT by a competent specialist. By itself, the Second Opinion service is very common in oncology, especially in Western medicine. Doctors and oncologists often share the test results with their colleagues in order to get 100% accuracy in the diagnosis.
Unfortunately, this practice is not very common in our country, at least due to the fact that Israeli doctors are personally acquainted with German, Swiss and American doctors, they meet at conferences, universities and other events. Thus, most often it takes one call for advice, and several days to get a second opinion from a competent specialist.
Even the best doctors sometimes need to be convinced that they are right. In addition, the accuracy of the equipment used for interpretation of PET-CT results and other analyzes differs significantly. Specialization also plays an important role. Abroad, many doctors specialize in specific types of cancer and are absolute experts in them. That is why it is worth consulting with them.

How is the PET-CT results deciphered and what does the PET-CT second opinion look like?

Decoding PET-CT results means a detailed analysis of the disc PET-CT by a narrow-profile specialist, a detailed description of what was seen in the images of PET-CT . As for the Second Opinion PET-CT - this is an official document issued in two languages ​​(the native language of the doctor and the patient). Such a report is provided to the patient, and it contains a summary of the entire analysis of the results of PET-CT and recommendations for the attending physician, who can further correct the treatment and diagnosis.

BK medical logistic , after providing a second opinion, does not stop working with the patient. If necessary, we conduct consultations, recommend specialists, doctors in the patient's city or nearby cities, in order for the treatment to be most effective.

What do you need to get a PET-CT Second Opinion?

In order to get a PET /CT Second Opinion , you first need to get the test results on disk. If you have not yet had a PET /CT procedure and are not sure where it is best to do it, you can contact us by phone (all calls are FREE ) and we will advise you on the best options near You.

Once you have the PET-CT disc in your hands, you can hand it over to one of our offices for decryption. From the BK medical logistic office, the test results will be sent to Tel Aviv, where the best Israeli specialists will audit and provide a PET /CT Second Opinion within seven working days, taking into account the logistical time required.

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Second opinion PET-CT - what is it? Second opinion PET-CT - what is it?

What is PET /CT? When should you ask for a second opinion or revision of analyzes? We tell you in our blog.

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