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Professor Yakov Shekhter

Melanoma Unit Clinic
Israel, Tel Aviv

Israel's best specialist in the treatment of metastatic melanoma.

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Professor Yakov Shechter

Israeli Professor Yakov Shechter is one of the world's leading oncodermatologists, as evidenced by numerous awards and patient reviews. Dr. Yakov Shekhter enjoys well-deserved prestige thanks to 40 years of experience in the diagnosis and subsequent treatment of diseases such as skin cancer (including the most dangerous form - melanoma).

Every day, oncologist Yakov Shekhter receives dozens of patients from different countries , consulting them, examining and prescribing treatment. The percentage of successful outcomes of the therapy prescribed by the doctor is extremely high, because the doctor has extensive knowledge and extensive experience in countering melanoma.

The direction of work of Jacob Schechter

The main direction of the practice of an Israeli doctor Jacob Schechter is oncology, radiation therapy and revolutionary treatments. He is constantly developing and testing new types of diagnosis and subsequent treatment for melanoma. The pioneering oncologist founded the Ella medical center in Israel and later became the head of it. This institution specializes in the thorough study and development of modern treatments for skin cancer (especially melanoma). Dr. Yakov Shekhter became known not only for his scientific developments and successful practice. He also creates unique personal programs for the fight against cancer, which increases the comfort of life and its duration in his patients with the last stage of this disease.

Scientific activity of Jacob Shechter

In addition to direct clinical activity, Professor Yakov Shekhter constantly conducts scientific research in the field of oncodermatology. An international team of scientists under his leadership is conducting clinical trials of melanoma at its early stage. They study its development, symptoms, risk group of this disease and much more.

This has allowed the development of innovative approaches to treatment, showing excellent results. The recovery rate is extremely high, even among patients who have metastases.

Shechter Yakov has almost completely abandoned chemotherapy. He predominantly uses TIL therapy and a combination of pharmacotherapy with radiotherapy (radiation) to treat his patients. At the same time, radiation therapy is used in minimal volumes.

The doctor owns more than 2 hundred scientific papers dedicated to the treatment of malignant and benign skin neoplasms. Today he leads the Department of Oncology, Faculty of Medicine, Tel Aviv State University. The oncodermatologist has received numerous awards and generous grants for his achievements in the field of cancer research and the creation of an innovative way to treat melanoma.

Education of Jacob Schechter

Reputable oncologist and The guru of immune therapy for melanoma graduated from the medical faculties of the State University (Tel Aviv), as well as the Hebrew University (Jerusalem). Trained doctor in Israeli medical centers.

He is the founder and director of the Lemelbaum Institute of Immuno-Oncology.

Israel's best specialist in the treatment of metastatic melanoma.

Materials and documents required prior to consultation:

  • Blood tests (including tumor markers).
  • Revision of histological material.
  • Disc CT /PET CT.
  • Local conclusion CT /PET CT.
  • Epicrisis (extract from the medical history) of the local oncologist.
  • Information about general condition of the patient and complaints at the time of contact.
  • Copy of passport (internal or international passport).

* In some cases - check for B-RAF mutation.

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