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Melanoma Unit Clinic

Israel, Tel Aviv

The main departments of the clinic:

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Melanoma Unit - treatment of melanoma and other types of skin cancer in Israel!

Melanoma Unit is the newest clinic that combines the advantages of private Israeli medicine and the systematic state security system health. The clinic is a subdivision of one of the largest medical institutions in Israel - Assuta Medical Center, which specializes in the treatment of oncodermatological diseases.

Melanoma Unit boasts impressive results in the treatment of melanoma, thanks to its work leading doctors in this field - professors Chaim Gutman and Yakov Shekhter. The clinic has at its disposal ultra-modern equipment and laboratory, as well as highly qualified certified personnel, which allows not only to fight, but also to diagnose skin cancers at an early stage.

Melanoma Unit is successfully fighting with bureaucratic delays to ensure that their patients start treatment immediately after visiting the clinic. This allows you to start fighting the disease according to international standards and protocols in record time - just 4 days after arriving at the medical center.


The Melanoma Unit Clinic is distinguished not only by effective treatment of oncological diseases, but also by high service and comfortable conditions for the patients and their relatives. In addition, for particularly demanding patients, luxury wards of increased comfort are provided, which, in combination with the service, can shorten the recovery period after operations, and also improve the psychological state in general. The staff of the clinic is ready to provide full support of the patient from the moment of treatment until the flight home after the treatment of the disease.

Who needs a consultation at the Melanoma Unit clinic first?


Most often, visitors to the Melanoma Unit clinic are:

  • People at risk for cancer.
  • Patients with a history of skin cancer.
  • Patients with suspicious skin lesions.
  • Patients who underwent non-resection mole removal.
  • People diagnosed with melanoma of any severity.

Treatment at the Israeli medical center Melanoma Unit guarantees the patient a decent level of medical care, regardless of the severity of the disease . This is primarily due to a systematic approach to organizing healthcare, which guarantees the training of qualified doctors and a streamlined mechanism for the provision of medical services.

Raoul Wallenberg St 20, Tel Aviv-Yafo, 6971916, Israel
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