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Second opinion CT (computed tomography)

What is Second Opinion?


Second Opinion is a service that involves expert review and review of analysis results a highly specialized physician to provide the most accurate, expert opinion based on CT disc.


CT is computed tomography, a medical research method widely used in diagnostics. In particular, in the diagnosis of oncology.


When is CT second opinion needed?


Most often, revision of the CT disc and providing a Second CT opinion is necessary when:

  1. There are doubts about the diagnosis.
  2. No confidence in 100% accuracy in decoding the analyzes.
  3. It is necessary to obtain an alternative second opinion of a doctor specializing in a particular field.
  4. Also, in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, there is not enough new equipment, and, sometimes, this can adversely affect the interpretation of CT results and other tests, which, in turn, negatively affects the diagnosis and course of treatment.

The same time, in Israel, the accuracy of equipment and the competence of doctors is close to 100%. That is why many turn to Israeli specialists in order to be sure of the correctness of the diagnosis for sure.


Why is the second opinion CT scan better done in Israel?


Over the past decades, the Israeli government has invested billions of dollars in the development of medicine. State clinics of Israel, such as Hadassah or Assuta, are world-famous, and the doctors working in these clinics are recognized as some of the most qualified specialists in the world. 
The symbiosis of modern technology and high competence of the attending staff guarantees a professional approach and the most accurate diagnostics and quality treatment. Today, it is no secret for anyone that having passed one single genetic analysis, you can see a map of the patient's diseases for decades to come.


How does the CT second opinion go?


  1. If the patient has already CT and has a CD with test results, all they need to do is call us and then send a CT disc to one of our offices (Kiev, Moscow). Next, we will deliver the CT disc to our headquarters in Tel Aviv, from where it will go straight into the hands of the best doctors, oncologists in Israel for decryption and re-analysis. (If a CT scan has not yet been performed, we will help you find the best location in the patient's city and arrange for a CT free of charge).
  2. Within 7 working days (taking into account the delivery of a disc with CT results to Israel), doctors in Israel will analyze the CT results and prepare a transcript of the analysis in two languages ​​(patient's native language + Hebrew) with an official stamp and signature. This document is a confirmation of the analysis performed and contains a detailed transcript of what the doctors saw on the CT scans. This official document is sent to the patient in duplicate - in fact, it is called the CT Second Opinion.
  3. After the second opinion is ready, it must be presented to the attending physician to adjust the treatment or diagnosis. We do not leave you, but accompany and advise patients if necessary, recommending proven clinics for treatment in Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus or Israel (if you wish to undergo treatment abroad).


What to fear when applying for a Second Opinion CT?


With a real Second Opinion, you do not have will ask for your doctor's opinion, as CT Second Opinion involves self-revision of the tests. Whether it is CT, MRI, PET-CT, histology or cytology, it is important that the doctor independently revises the test results and makes a second opinion, rather than confirming or refuting the diagnosis of another doctor.


What do you need to get a second CT opinion at BK medical logistic?


To get started, you can leave a request on our website or call directly to us by phone indicated on the website (calls are FREE). We provide free consultation to all those who call and recommend how, where, when is the best time to get tested and how to get the most accurate result.

Then, if you want 100% confidence in the result, we send CT results to Israel to be checked by the best doctors and provide a CT Second Opinion.

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