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Second opinion MRI (magnetic resonance imaging)

What is an MRI Second Opinion?

An MRI Second Opinion is a medical service through which a patient can get an expert opinion of the best in their field doctor without leaving your home.

The service “Second opinion” has long been practiced in the West and is becoming increasingly necessary in the context of globalization. Today, when we know that the technologies of other countries have gone far ahead, we should take our health seriously and, at the slightest doubt, use the technological and medical developments of more developed countries and competent specialists.

Second opinion MRI consists of re- MRI scans and MRI transcripts by competent professionals.

When is MRI Second Opinion recommended?

Most often MRI second opinion is needed when:

  1. The patient is not 100% sure of the competence of his doctor.
  2. A difficult diagnosis has been made and each inaccuracy is fraught with consequences. We often come across a request for a Second Opinion on MRI in oncology.
  3. The patient is preparing for the operation, and wants to weigh all the pros and cons, get the opinion of a narrow-profile expert and accurately understand the risks.
  4. We need to get an alternative opinion from qualified specialists from Israel, Germany and the USA.

Unfortunately, modern medicine in the CIS lags significantly behind Western medicine, which is why BK offers a second opinion not just doctors, but the best Israeli specialists in the field of oncology, surgery, neurology, cardiology, orthopedics and other areas of medicine.

In addition to the competence of doctors, equipment plays a huge role, which, unfortunately, is not yet available in any hospital or clinic in Russia, Ukraine or Kazakhstan . That is why the analysis of all analyzes takes place in a laboratory in Israel. And that is why it makes sense to use the service Second opinion MRI . After all, even the slightest inaccuracy in the diagnosis revealed by the latest equipment and provided to the patient as a transcript and second opinion MRI, CT, PET-CT, histology, cytology can at least facilitate the process of chemotherapy or postoperative rehabilitation, and, as a maximum - to save the patient's life.

Which MRI scans are analyzed to provide a Second Opinion?

Mainly to obtain a Second Opinion MRI , we are contacted with ready-made images. Below is a list of services that we provide within the framework of revision and interpretation of MRI images :

  1. Second opinion on MRI images of the brain.
  2. Second opinion on MRI spine images.
  3. Second opinion for MRI images of organs.
  4. Second opinion for MRI images of soft tissues and joints.

Why is it worth using the second opinion MRI service?

As we wrote above - very often due to lack of high-quality equipment or lack of sufficient experience at the doctor's office, medical errors are made, which are very costly and negatively affect the health and condition of the patient.

Below, we offer some statistics arguing the need for a Second opinion as a service and Second opinion MRI , in particular:

  1. In almost 50% of oncological cases, after receiving a "second opinion", the treatment plan is changed.
  2. About 68% of treatment plans were changed after additional examination.
  3. 38% of operations are canceled in favor of conservative treatment.
  4. More than 34% of initial diagnoses are erroneous.

These figures indicate that if you have MRI scans on your hands and you are in doubt about the diagnosis, it is better to trust the professionals and get Wto second opinion .

How does the second opinion MRI service work?

  1. After you have done a MRI and received a transcript from your healthcare professional, you have a MRI disc on your hands.
  2. To receive a Second MRI opinion , you need either send us a CD with pictures by mail, or bring it personally, to one of our offices in Kiev, Moscow or Tel Aviv .
  3. Within 7 working days, CD with MRI images will be analyzed by one of the highly specialized specialists in the field of the patient's ailment (information about some of the doctors we work with you can see on our website, in the section “Our doctors” - they are truly world-renowned professionals).
  4. After a detailed analysis of the MRI scans , the patient is provided with a Second Opinion , on two official forms (in two languages, for example Hebrew and Russian), signed information by the doctor.
  5. It is with the help of this decoding that the diagnosis and the course of treatment are corrected.

Should a diagnosis be made with a Second opinion MRI?

Unfortunately, one MRI is usually not enough, therefore the diagnosis is a separate service provided in conjunction with the revision of all tests: MRI, CT, PET-CT, histology and cytology. Second opinion is a service that provides accurate data on the presence and nature of abnormalities.

How can I sign up for an MRI Second Opinion?

In order to contact us, just call the phone number listed above on our website.
At the first contact with each patient, we first of all conduct a preliminary consultation and determine the most convenient way to obtain a Second opinion for the patient, and also determine which tests should be reviewed first.

How much does an MRI Second Opinion cost?

The price of an MRI Second Opinion varies depending on where the images are taken, which the doctor will provide a Second Opinion as to when the result is needed. To find out the exact price - sign up for a free consultation by phone indicated on the website and we will definitely find the best option just for you.

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