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How much histology is done

The question "How many days is the histology done?" each medical clinic is decided on an individual basis, since this period largely depends on the characteristics of ultra-modern equipment, the presence of its own laboratory, the number and level of medical staff. If we take the industry average, the result of the study is generally known within 8-10 days.

operating table. For example, in the operating room, the surgeon suspects the presence of dangerous cancers, and in order to get 100% certainty, it is necessary to immediately analyze a tissue sample. Such histology is carried out very quickly so that the operating surgeon has the opportunity to remove the detected oncological tumor. Express histology gives a highly accurate result in one to three hours.

In other less urgent cases, patients have to wait about five days if the chosen clinic has a private laboratory with innovative medical equipment. If histology is carried out in the laboratory of another medical center, then the terms are increased by 2-4 days (time for sending and delivery of samples).

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