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What is "Second opinion"?


The service "second opinion" or second opinion in oncology is becoming more and more in demand among patients, due to the opportunity to receive highly qualified specialist advice without leaving from home.


When is it worth resorting to "second opinion" in oncology or decoding test results and what is it?

Second opinion is not a biased opinion of a narrowly specialized doctor and an expert in his field. Such consultation may be needed not only in the diagnosis of the disease, but also during its course. The “second opinion” does not lose its relevance even after the completion of treatment - it is resorted to assess the effectiveness and correctness of the prescribed /conducted therapy by the previous doctor.



Cost, USD

Mri decoding second opinion (Revision of the disc with MRI results) 
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Explanation of CT and PET CT second opinion (Revision of discs with CT or PET CT results) 
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Explanation of histology results (Revision histological material) 
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Immunohistochemical analysis (if necessary) 
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Interpreting the results of cytology (Revision of cytology) 
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"Second opinion" of a doctor, expert specialist ( videoconference + written opinion) 
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What is included in the service "Second opinion of the doctor" additionally:

Review of histology. It is a re-revision, examination and decoding of histology, previously taken biopsy, provided in the form of glasses and paraffin blocks;


Preparing for a “second opinion”

The first thing you need to do - get a statement about the disease and therapy from the attending doctor. If MRI, CT, PET CT or radiography were used in the diagnosis, then it is necessary to submit conclusions on them, as well as electronic copies on digital disks. In addition, you need samples of histological examination (if any) from the laboratory. The paraffin block and glasses are provided to the consultant for sending to the laboratory, before that they should be stored at home in a dry, dark place at a temperature of 10-25 degrees.


Is “a second opinion necessary” »Doctor?

Many patients arrogantly reject the possibility of consulting another expert and do it completely in vain. The opinion of an uninterested doctor will allow not only to confirm the diagnosis, but also to put a new or clarify the type /stage of the disease, based on the conclusions made as a result of the revision of the provided studies. The consultation will also help to evaluate the effectiveness of the chosen therapy tactics, and will provide an opportunity to learn about alternative methods of treatment.

The second opinion in oncology is especially important for patients with cancer, because the expert's opinion can play a key role in the fight against the disease. WHO statistics look frightening: more than 10% of people who have been diagnosed with cancer die from an incorrectly chosen treatment strategy or an inaccurate diagnosis.

It should be borne in mind that medical error is possible both at the stage of diagnosis and during therapy. Due to the lack of knowledge necessary to treat specific types of oncology. That is why there is a need for a “second opinion” - for the patient to be convinced of the accuracy and truthfulness of the recommendations and, if necessary, to correct them with the help of a specialist with successful many years of experience.


Is it possible to set another diagnosis after a "second opinion"?

Dry statistics say that 30% of patients who have consulted independent experts find inaccuracies in the definition of the disease. Do not be afraid to discuss the problem with your doctor, as reviewing treatment and making a diagnosis by several specialists is standard practice in all developed countries.



When is a doctor's second opinion needed?

A second opinion is recommended in the following cases:

BK Medical Logistic Decisions LLC provides an opportunity to get a "second opinion" from the leading doctors in Israel. There is no doubt about their professionalism, as it is confirmed by many years of experience and international recognition. We carry out an individual approach to each client with the involvement, if necessary, of several specialists.


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