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Revision of histological slides

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When is the slide review necessary?


The slide review may be necessary for many very good reasons. It is standard practice among medical professionals to have the glass revised by at least two pathologists. Revision of histological slides eliminates errors in diagnosing oncological diseases and prescribes adequate, and most importantly, effective treatment.


Histological slides can be revised in any Ukrainian, Russian or foreign laboratory. The first histological diagnosis is not always extremely accurate, because the histologist's little experience, unsatisfactory dyes or inept handling of histological preparations can distort the study results. The main instrument for glass analysis is a powerful microscope, so you should trust medical centers with a powerful technological base and their own laboratory equipment. Therefore, the revision of histological slides is popular and aims to obtain a second expert opinion in histology.


The revision of glasses in histology is possible due to the fact that this research method allows you to save samples for many years without changing their structure and initial properties. For revision, glass can be easily and safely transported to any medical centers in the country and abroad, which have an impeccable reputation.


Review of histological glasses in Kiev


To order revision of histological slides in Kiev, just call +38 (067) 240 90 59. Consultation and calls to the phone number are FREE.


Review of histological slides in Moscow


If you live in Russia and want to order revision of histological slides in Moscow, you can also call +38 (067) 240 90 59. Consultation and calls to a phone number are FREE from any country.

Collecting and sending histology from anywhere in Ukraine and Russia, we carry out the revision of histological slides in Israel in laboratories with the most powerful and technological equipment.

If Israel is expensive for you, contact us anyway

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