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Assuta Clinic
Israel, Tel Aviv

One of the most famous vertebrologists in the world, performing about 60 spinal surgeries every month.

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Ilya Pekarsky

People interested in spinal surgery and going to visit Israel have probably heard of such a specialist as Dr. Ilya Davidovich Pekarsky - a surgeon, reviews of which can be found on any specialized sites.

Neurosurgeon and orthopedist Ilya Pekarsky is a doctor of medical sciences, one of the leading practicing Israeli surgeons. Every year since 2008, he was recognized in Israel as the #1 spinal surgeon, as evidenced by the rating of the Israel Medical Association.


Pekarsky's specialization

Neurosurgeon Ilya Pekarsky, head of the spinal department of surgery in a clinic in Israel, it is not in vain that he receives praise The talented doctor specializes in spinal surgery. On his account, he has thousands of successful examples of treatment of intervertebral hernias, all types of spinal fractures, osteochondrosis, tumors, pinched nerves, etc. Doctor Ilya Pekarsky managed to restore mobility to patients from almost all countries of the world. Doctor Ilya Pekarsky also accepts "ordinary" patients, because the prices for his services are quite reasonable, not higher than those of competitors.


Peculiarities of Pekarsky's medical practice

In his arsenal, neurosurgeon Ilya Pekarsky uses innovative methods of surgery and therapy, using only the latest anti-inflammatory drugs, orthokine therapy. He is also the only one who practices PASHA electrode therapy, a method he developed to relieve back pain. Thanks to the use of endoscopic techniques, Ilya Davidovich Pekarsky managed to reduce the likelihood of damage to healthy tissues during surgery. Using Spine Assist (an innovative robotic system), the doctor performs the most complex operations with unique precision. The main feature of this system is the creation of a 3D image before the operation, allowing you to assess the individual characteristics of the client's anatomy and carefully plan the course of the operation. The surgeon successfully implants cartilage tissue grown in special laboratories from cells taken from the patient. Every month Ilya Pekarsky performs more than 6 dozen successful operations.


Biography of Ilya Pekarsky

Pekarsky Ilya Davidovich graduated from the Second Moscow Medical Institute (Faculty of General Medicine) with honors. After that, he moved to Israel to devote himself to the study of orthopedics, enrolling in the University of Tel Aviv. To become a unique specialist, for whom not the price of the operation is important, but the patient's health, Ilya Pekarsky trained and improved his qualifications in medical centers in seven countries, after which he conducted demonstration operations on the human spine all over the world.

Ilya Pekarsky is famous not only in clinical practice - he actively publishes research on spinal surgery in medical journals. In 2021, he is one of the best practicing neurosurgeons in Israel.


According to the rating of the Israeli Medical Association during 2008-2011, he is recognized as the best spinal surgeon in Israel.


Materials and documents required before the consultation:

  • MRI disc.
  • MRI conclusion.
  • Information about the general condition of the patient at the time of the visit.
  • A copy of the passport (internal or international passport).


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