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Assuta Clinic

Israel, Tel Aviv

The main departments of the clinic:

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Assuta Clinic in Israel - treatment with the best Israeli doctors under one roof!

Assuta Clinic ”Is one of the largest medical clusters in Israel, which brings together several hundred leading doctors of narrow specializations. Assuta Hospital in Israel annually accepts thousands of foreign patients suffering from various diseases, providing effective medical care even in the most severe cases.

Since its foundation in 1934, the unchanging goal of the Assuta clinic "- to make every effort to overcome the disease of each individual patient. About the philosophy of the clinic "Assuta" already speaks one name - in translation from the Aramaic meaning "Be healthy"!

The main departments of the clinic "Assuta":

  • General Surgery;
  • In Vitro Fertilization (IVF);
  • Cardiac Surgery;
  • Department of Oncology;
  • Orthopedics;
  • Neurosurgery;
  • Diagnostic Center;
  • Dialysis Department;
  • Gastroenterology;
  • Plastic Surgery;
  • Vascular surgery;
  • Pulmonology.

Features of treatment in the medical center "Assuta"

From the very first day of work, the clinic "Assuta" began to implement several basic approaches, on which all modern foreign medicine is based on:

  • Use of the latest scientific achievements.
  • Attracting highly qualified specialists to achieve the most effective treatment.
  • Application personal approach to each patient, taking into account the individual characteristics of the organism and the specifics of the disease.

The clinic also tries to minimize the bureaucratic difficulties associated with treatment in the center of foreign patients, which makes it possible to start examination and treatment immediately upon arrival in Israel . Assuta Clinic positions itself as a base for the development and improvement of medical technologies, on which the best specialists from various fields of science are working.

The clinic has all the conditions for doctors were completely focused on the main task - saving human lives. All other aspects related to the work of the center are managed by specially trained outsourcing personnel.

Assuta Clinic actively cooperates with the best specialists in the field of medicine, involving even doctors from other medical institutions, if the situation so requires ... The center employs 1.5 thousand professional doctors who every year perform more than 85 thousand operations of varying complexity, and also carry out about 650 thousand appointments and examinations of patients in an outpatient clinic.

Assuta Medical Center in Israel boasts not only high-quality medical services, but also increased comfort for patients.The last factor is neglected by many clinics of the former CIS, although it has long been known that psychological comfort is one of the most important components of a successful victory over a disease, along with the professionalism of doctors and modern equipment. The clinic also takes care of its staff, creating not only optimal conditions for treating patients, but also for rest and work of doctors, which allows them to work efficiently and with maximum efficiency.

Why Is it worth contacting the Assuta Medical Center?

Assuta Clinic is rightfully considered one of the best private medical institutions in Israel, thanks to a number of undeniable advantages:

  • The most effective therapy protocols that use the most modern drugs, medical techniques and devices.
  • The center employs highly focused international specialists who constantly monitor and continuously take part in the treatment process.
  • Comfortable conditions for patients, as well as an individual approach to each visitor of the clinic.

Cooperation of the Assuta clinic with BK Medical Logistic

Sometimes, in order to get a doctor's consultation , you need Overcome many difficulties associated with paperwork and the inability to make an appointment with the doctor due to his busy schedule.

Our firm, thanks to direct cooperation with the largest medical center "Assuta" in Israel, provides foreign patients with priority in service, which allows them to start treatment immediately upon arrival at the clinic.

Our managers are always ready to provide the most complete and reliable information regarding the examination and treatment in Israel. We also guarantee full support of the patient, from the moment of submitting the application, to the return flight home. Call us or fill out the form on the website, and we will answer all your questions related to the diagnosis or treatment of your disease in Israel.

HaBarzel St 20, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
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