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Medical center "EMEK"
Israel, Afula

Neurosurgeon, orthopedist at the Spinal Surgery Department of Emek Hospital. Senior Officer of the All-Israel Spinal Center, Assuta Hospital, neurosurgeon, orthopedist

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Information about the doctor

Main areas of expertise:

Michael Reichel specializes in the following areas:

  • minimally invasive spine and joint surgery;
  • radio frequency denervation;
  • cold plasma nucleoplasty.

Education and medical practice:

Graduated from the Chelyabinsk Medical Institute ( 1990). Trained at an Israeli hospital in the city of Nahariya from 1992 to 1995.

For over ten years he has been working as a neurosurgeon and orthopedist in the department of orthopedics and spinal surgery at the HaEmek clinic (Afula, Israel). He specialized in surgery of the musculoskeletal system at the Humboldt University of Medicine in Berlin (Germany) (2005).

Today he is a senior employee of the All-Israel Spinal Center at Assuta Hospital. She is a scientific consultant at the Russian-Israeli Center for Spinal Microsurgery at the N.I. Pirogov. He has extensive experience in the treatment of diseases of the spinal column using minimally invasive techniques. Dr. Reichel owns a large number of scientific publications dedicated to vertebropathology, skeletal pathologies, joint and spine surgery.

Membership in professional associations:

Is a full member and scientific a speaker in medical communities in his specialty - in the Association for Spinal Problems and in the Association of Orthopedists of Israel, as well as a scientific adviser to the Israel Center for Spinal Microsurgery and a senior employee of the Spinal Center at Assuta Hospital.

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