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Melanoma Unit Clinic
Israel, Tel Aviv

Prof. Chaim Gutman is the Head of the Department of Oncological Surgery at the Onco Breast Unit Clinic and is also a Consultant Physician at the Herzliya Medical Center. His main specialization is surgical interventions for oncological pathologies, in particular, for breast cancer or melanoma.

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Professor Chaim Gutman is a doctor of the highest category, one of the leading oncological surgeons in Israel in the treatment of skin and breast cancer. Professor Gutman's main areas of specialization are the treatment of melanoma, skin and breast tumors, therapy of bone tissue sarcoma, treatment of tumors of the gastrointestinal tract. Head of the surgical department of the Department of Oncodermatology at the Melanoma Unit Clinic, the Department of Oncological Surgery at the Rabin Medical Center (Beilinson), Petah Tikva.

Clinical experience:

  • Senior Surgeon, Section of Oncological Medicine, Rabin Medical Center.
  • Chairman of the Commission for the Treatment of Melanomas and Soft Tissue Tumors, Medical Center. Rabin
  • Invited specialist of the Department of Oncological Surgery of the Cancer Center named after. Anderson (Houston, USA).
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