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Clinic Herzliya Medical Center

Israel, Herzliya

The main departments of the clinic:

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Treatment in the clinic "Herzliya Medical Center" - the leading medical center in Israel!


"Clinic Herzliya" - one of the most prestigious private medical complexes in Israel located on the picturesque shores of the Mediterranean. Clinic Herzliya boasts not only the most modern technology and equipment for diagnostics and treatment, but also the best doctors - certified specialists in their fields.

Advantages of the Herzliya Clinic


The Herzliya Clinic flawlessly combines medical professionalism with the comfort of treatment, which allows us to offer the maximum level of medical care. In order for the treatment to be effective and comfortable, the center provides each patient with the attention of not only the average, but also the senior medical staff, adjusting and taking into account individual needs and wishes. Another important advantage is the location of the Herzliya medical complex in Israel - on the coast of the Dead Sea, which in itself already has a beneficial effect on the health of patients, as well as on the comfort of relatives or confidants.

The medical center provides a full service accompanying the patient, starting from the moment of treatment, and ending with returning home after a successful diagnosis or treatment. Clinic "Herzliya" makes every effort to ensure that patients and their accompanying relatives are focused only on recovery, rehabilitation and rest, while we take care of all legal and organizational issues.


Treatment in the clinic "Herzliya" in numbers:


  • More than 500 doctors of the highest qualification.
  • Carried out annually about 80,000 surgeries, of which 1,600 are for the treatment of obesity.
  • 7 operating rooms equipped with the latest medical equipment.
  • 12 VIP rooms and 3 luxury rooms.

The Israeli Ministry of Health regularly inspects the Herzliya Medical Center, assessing many factors that affect the treatment and recovery of people who apply. So, according to the results of the last check, the safety of patients was assessed at 100 points, out of 100 possible; fight against nosocomial infection - 99 points; the qualification level of nursing staff - 98.5; nutritionists - 97.5; physiotherapists - 96.5 points.


Who most often visits the Herzliya clinic


The patients of the Herzliya clinic are people with diseases that require the latest methods and treatment protocols from an experienced highly specialized specialist with a confirmed international qualification. Also, during your stay in the clinic, doctors from medical institutions of other profiles can be involved, both for making an accurate diagnosis and for adjusting the current treatment plan.

Clinic "Herzliya" was created for patients who prefer to get rid of ailments in conditions of individual attention of highly qualified specialists and increased comfort. Also, the clinic "Herzliya" offers the passage of procedures for early diagnosis and prevention of diseases for people who want to combine effective treatment with relaxation on the shores of the Dead Sea.


Patients of the clinic "Herzliya" can use services of doctors in the departments:


  • Oncology ;
  • Plastic surgery;
  • In Vitro Fertilization;
  • Neurosurgery;
  • Orthopedics and arthroplasty;
  • Cardiovascular surgery;
  • Gastroenterology;
  • Thoracic surgery;
  • Gynecology ;
  • Ophthalmology ;
  • Otolaryngology and ENT Surgery;
  • Bariatrics;
  • General Surgery.


Benefits of undergoing treatment in Israel in the clinic "Herzliya"


All medical complexes in Israel are characterized by one distinguishing feature - the infrastructure and organization of treatment are built according to a clear algorithm that has developed as a result of many years of successful practice. This is achieved primarily due to the high requirements and strict inspections of the Ministry of Health, dictated by the urgent need for effective medical institutions in the context of constant hostilities. That is why, treatment in any medical center in Israel can guarantee the patient not only a high level of medical care, but also impeccably high qualifications of world-renowned doctors.


Very often patients are faced with a problem, when it is almost impossible to get an appointment with the chosen doctor on time, due to his workload, legal or bureaucratic difficulties. However, Ukrainian patients who visit the clinic through BK Medical Logistic have a solid advantage over others - upon arrival in Israel, treatment begins on the same day, since the whole process is fully organized. in advance by employees of the company in Israel!



To make an appointment for diagnostics or treatment at the Herzliya clinic, please contact our consultants on the website or call. We will answer all your questions and dispel all doubts about treatment in Israel!

Ramat Yam St 7, Herzliya, Israel
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