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What is PDL-2 test?

As a result of the functioning of dangerous cancer cells, it forms a specific protein PD1. In the process of research, the detection of this protein gives specialists the opportunity to diagnose the presence of malignant tumors. The ligands for this protein are pd l1 and pd l2, which deliberately trick the body's defense cells so that cancer can grow and develop unhindered. Due to the timely detection of these ligands in cells, it is possible to develop an effective complex treatment regimen that will be aimed at blocking pdl2.

For this, the biomaterial taken from the oncological patient is tested for pdl2 expression. These analyzes are carried out in specialized laboratories using high-power microscopes and reagents. Tests are prescribed for cancer patients in whom the tumor progresses even after the prescribed therapy.

Determining the features of the expression of the pdl2 biomarker will identify patients who will respond most positively to treatment with certain drugs, such as Atezolizumab ... The more the revealed expression, the more disappointing the prognosis. The therapy is indicated for cancer patients with lung, kidney and breast cancer.

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