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Tissue histology

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Tissue histology is a highly accurate method for determining the presence of oncological and benign formations in the body. Tissues of any organ can be subjected to such a study, while the percentage of detection of disease-causing cells and pathology of their development is maximum.


Types of tissue histology


Tissues, histology of which is carried out under a powerful microscope, are divided into:

All these tissues are subjected to detailed examination to identify or refute the presence of malignant cells. This allows you to quickly study the nature of the disease, its features, severity, and promptly make the most accurate diagnosis, which significantly increases the effectiveness of treatment.


How is tissue histology performed?


A small sample is taken in the form of a tissue section, a thin and thick needle fence of a film, a smear - it all depends on the characteristics of the organ or system that needs histological examination. The sample is placed in a special paraffin or other suspension for further scrupulous analysis in laboratory conditions.


The results obtained are deciphered by medical specialists. They are the fundamental basis for the most accurate diagnosis and determination of the method of further treatment.


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