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Mole histology

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Histology of a mole - when and why is it done?

Modern histology of a mole is performed when there are solid suspicions about the possible transformation of the birthmark (birthmark) into a malignant formation. The reasons for such assumptions may be alarming symptoms in the form of:

Highly effective histological examination of a mole assumes its complete removal from the body and a thorough study of the histology of a mole under a super-powerful microscope (light, electronic, luminescent, scanning) to identify dangerous cell clusters and the development of pathologies. The cut mole is fixed in a special suspension and sent to the laboratory for study. Here, the nature and type of neoplasm, the degree and nature of inflammation are investigated in detail. Based on the results of the histology of the mole , a conclusion is written, which is the foundation for a high-precision diagnosis.

The detection of malignant cancer cells at an early stage of their inception allows the doctor to take adequate decision on the method and method of complex treatment. Thanks to this, the complete cure of a cancer patient becomes a reality.

Where can a histology of a mole be done?

Choosing a clinic for histology of a mole should be approached carefully. For example, in Kiev, there are only a number of clinics that can carry out the histology procedure correctly and competently. If you want to consult - we are always happy to help and advise you a clinic in your city.
You can make a study of the histology of a mole in clinics in Ukraine or Russia, and then send it to Israel for decoding the histology of a mole for 100% confidence in the correctness of the analysis results.

Deciphering the histology of a mole.

Regardless of which country or city you are doing a histology of a mole, it is always important to get the most accurate decryption. Unfortunately, the state and manufacturability of laboratories in Ukraine, Russia and other CIS countries do not always allow making accurate conclusions and making a correct diagnosis. That is why, medical errors are common in such complex analyzes as histology of a mole . That is why we offer the service deciphering the histology of a mole in Israel and a second opinion in histology. At the moment, we are the only ones in the CIS who are able to deliver histological blocks for revision to Israel and provide a high-quality transcript of the histology of a mole remotely. Israeli doctors and oncologists, in turn, are ready to provide high-quality feedback and establish a diagnosis based on deciphering the histology of a mole.

In order to find out where it is better to do a histology of a mole in Ukraine or Russia and find out the price of decoding the histology of a mole in Israel - call or write to us. CALLS AND CONSULTATION - free of charge.

If Israel is expensive for you, contact us anyway

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