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Skin histology

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When is skin histology prescribed?


Skin histology is prescribed for suspected oncological diseases, since this type of research is characterized by increased accuracy and maximum information content. At its core, a histological examination of the skin is a kind of biopsy that can prove or disprove the presence of dangerous neoplasms in the tissues.


Histology studies the structure of the skin at the cellular level, for which a small sample is taken in the form the thinnest cut. This fragment is fixed and studied under a powerful microscope in order to detect pathology in the development of cells.


Where to make a histology of the skin?


The skin, histology of which is carried out in the laboratory, is a very complex integrated structure that performs many important functions. Therefore, it is so important to strictly monitor her excellent health. A timely histological examination can reveal the development of benign and dangerous cancers, which will help to make the correct diagnosis and develop an adequate comprehensive treatment plan. Histology of the skin is prescribed by a specialist or performed at the personal request of the patient. The analysis time is from a week to two.

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