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Fish research | Fish analysis

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Modern fish research is being conducted to identify dangerous genetic abnormalities that can cause the development of oncological tumors. Fish test is used for the most accurate diagnosis and obtaining complete information about the characteristics of the course of cancer and its severity. Based on the test results, the specialist can make an informed decision about the advisability of prescribing chemistry. Today, the debate about the effectiveness of fish tests is almost invisible, since they have become much more affordable, and their high accuracy is beyond doubt.


What does fish analysis give?


The fish test is often used to diagnose breast cancer. However, first, the patient undergoes a cheaper research method - immunohistochemical analysis. Only if, based on the results of this test, it is impossible to conclude that there is a positive breast cancer, then a fish analysis is carried out, which is characterized by maximum accuracy. It is the fish analysis of oncology that can recognize the slightest genetic changes that are invisible to conventional microscopic examination.

To conduct a fish examination in a patient, a tissue sample is taken, which is examined under a super-powerful fluorescent microscope in laboratory conditions. Special marks are put on the fragment under study to determine the presence of pathologies that can provoke the development of cancerous formations.

Thanks to fish analysis and fish diagnostics, specialists can timely notice such deviations from the norm:

The identification of these abnormalities in the cells allows the specialist to prescribe the most appropriate treatment for the individual case.


Modern fish cancer diagnostics


Fish tests are widely used in the diagnosis of breast cancer (BC), as they help identify atypical cells and understand the nature of their pathology. Fish analysis is also used:

Thanks to the development of technologies, today fish analyzes have become more available and are offered in several medical centers in Ukraine.


Fish analysis price


The cost of the Fish test in Israel is $1270. 
Fish analysis usually takes 3-7 business days to decode. A block is required for the study. 
As a result of the Fish analysis, a person receives a report from Israeli oncologists and a second opinion in oncology.

Important! You can get a free consultation and find out whether it is really worth doing a Fish analysis in Israel, or, in your case, it would be more logical to do a Fish analysis in Ukraine and send the blocks for decryption to Israel.

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