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Analysis for tumor markers

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Tumor markers are protein compounds formed as a result of the development of cancer cells or benign neoplasms. Modern analysis for tumor markers allows you to quickly and with a high level of accuracy diagnose a dangerous disease, which makes it possible to promptly prescribe the most effective complex treatment.


Blood test for tumor markers: what does it show?


Immediately it is worth noting the fact that each specific tumor provokes the appearance of proteins inherent only to it, therefore, by conducting an analysis for oncology, it is possible to establish the localization of the cancer and identify the organ affected by the disease. The level of OM in the blood can also increase due to inflammatory processes, benign formations, and pregnancy. Therefore, the test for tumor markers does not give a 100% guaranteed result, however, it is it that provides important prerequisites for an in-depth histological examination of tissues at the cell level.


Effective blood tests for oncology respond to several very important questions:


How are blood tests performed for oncology?


Blood from veins. They take it in the morning on an empty stomach. If the patient during this period suffers from inflammatory or infectious diseases, then it is better to postpone sampling until he fully recovers. To check the effectiveness of oncology therapy, blood is donated once a quarter.


Features of the blood test for tumor markers



Based on the above, the study of tumor markers requires additional methods of analysis, such as ultrasound, MRI, X-ray.

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