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Analysis for histology

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Analysis for histology is an ultra-precise method for thorough examination of tissues for the presence of dangerous and benign neoplasms, pathologies, structural features and development of cells. This study is distinguished by increased accuracy of results and maximum information content, therefore, based on the analyzes, the most correct diagnoses are made and highly effective treatment regimens are developed.


Explanation of the analysis for histology


How is the analysis for histology performed?


Modern Histology analysis involves several steps:

  1. Taking a sample from the patient. Samples for analysis for histology are different (it all depends on the organ that needs to be examined). These can be smears, prints, films, ultrathin sections.
  2. The obtained tissue fragment is fixed in a special chemical composition.
  3. The sample is stained with hematoxylin or eosin to improve the contrast of the tissue structure.
  4. Examination of specimens under an electron or other high-power microscope to detect the presence of accumulations of disease-causing cells and dangerous formations.


What does the histology analysis show?


Histological studies are quite expensive, but the analysis of histology is 100% justified in such cases:


How long does it take to prepare tests for histology?


The result of histological studies and analyzes for histology may be known within 5-10 days, however, this is an average time frame, and each medical center offers an individual time for submitting the results of histology analysis. If the clinic does not have its own laboratory, then the terms are increased by 2-4 days (time for sending and delivering samples).

Patients also have the opportunity to conduct an express analysis of histology within a few hours. This is done when, during an abdominal operation, the surgeon has reasonable suspicions of the presence of cancer cells in the tissues.


Analysis for histology: decoding


In the conclusion (deciphering the analysis of histology), all the results of the analysis performed for histology are indicated, however, only specialists are able to correctly decipher the medical terms. By contacting a doctor, the patient can receive complete information about the state of health, and in case of detection of dangerous diseases - qualified assistance.


How much does it cost to transcribe a histology analysis?


Of course, the price of transcribing a histological analysis depends on the clinic into which you take it. If you want to get a high-quality second opinion of an oncologist, then you need to pick up the blocks with histological material and bring or send to another clinic. If a second opinion and deciphering of the analysis for histology is carried out without histological material, then this is not a “second opinion” and not a “revision of histology”, but confirmation of the diagnosis by one doctor, by another doctor.

When it comes to such an important area of medicine as oncology, deciphering the analysis of histology can significantly improve the course of treatment, and sometimes even save the patient's life.

Our company BK Medical Logistic offers a complete revision and deciphering of the analysis of histology after a special study in an Israeli clinic specialized in oncology and oncological diseases, with high-tech laboratories and competent doctors known throughout the world.

The price of decoding a histology analysis may vary, but on average it is 550-650 USD.


How to re-analyze for histology?


At the moment, only our company can deliver histological material from Ukraine or and Russia to Israel for a medical examination. We use special refrigerators and packaging so that the results of the histology analysis reach the clinic in Israel safe and sound.

After the blocks are delivered to Israel, the histology analyzes are re-checked and studied in the laboratory, after which, the doctor prepares a special conclusion with the results and interpretation of the histology.


How to apply for a second analysis for histology?


Even if you just want to ask your questions and get information about the revision of analyzes for histology, you can contact us by phone at the top of the site. CALLS AND CONSULTATION ON THIS NUMBER IS FREE!


For residents of which countries can we arrange a repeat histology analysis?


BK Company Medical Logistic provides its services in the field of medical logistics, revision and interpretation of histology analysis in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

If Israel is expensive for you, contact us anyway

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