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Second opinion in histology

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Second opinion histology. Deciphering the results of histology

In modern realities, it is impossible to overestimate the importance of diagnostics in medicine, since it determines the outcome of the disease and the possibility of recovery. It is difficult to argue with this: even a super-qualified specialist will not be able to prescribe adequate treatment without knowing the exact diagnosis of the patient. The primary role in oncology is played by the setting of the morphological variety of neoplasms and the stages of their growth.

Regrettably, but incorrect diagnosis is a frequent occurrence in our medicine. And if a false positive result does not threaten human life, then a false negative can become fatal. That is why a new direction in diagnostics has been developed - revision of histology, or "second opinion in histology", which allows to minimize the percentage of incorrect diagnoses as much as possible. Thanks to the second opinion, histology undergoes a thorough analysis in Israel, and the patient receives an expert opinion from Israeli oncologists and a transcript of histology in the best clinics. As a minimum, a second opinion of an oncologist in Israel can correct the treatment plan and improve the results, and as a maximum, save the patient's life.

Explanation of the results of histology in oncology

It is impossible to overestimate the role of histological analysis in the diagnosis of cancer. Despite the existence of the latest methods such as MRI, CT and PET, morphological analysis still remains an unchanged procedure in the process of detecting malignant tumors. Only after tumor cells have been identified under a microscope, we can confidently speak of 100% detection of a cancer diagnosis.

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Revision of glasses in histology is necessary for correct interpretation and analysis of histology and histological material. It is far from always that a histologist can make a correct diagnosis based on his experience and knowledge. Using the services for the revision of glasses with histology in one of the best Israeli clinics, you can almost completely eliminate medical error.


Histology decoding process

Анализ гистология


Histology decoding process (analysis results) and providing a second opinion in histology:


Why is it worth getting a second opinion in histology in an Israeli clinic?


Provided services related to histology

Our Israeli clinic office boasts one of the widest ranges of services for diagnostics in oncology:


Liquid biopsy

Latest detection method of malignant neoplasms, which is based on the detection of genetic components of cancer cells in human blood. Biopsy studies and decoding of histology make it possible with the highest accuracy to verify the disease at the initial stage, determine the type of tumor and choose the right therapy.


Indications for liquid biopsy:


MammaPrint - what is it?

An innovative technology for diagnosing the risk of breast cancer recurrence and metastases, within ten years after tumor excision. The test is based on genetic fine diagnostics, according to the results of which the patient can be placed in a low or high risk group. After analyzing the results of histology, the doctor determines the appropriateness of postoperative chemotherapy.

The material for the test is a histological specimen obtained during a biopsy or during removal of a tumor. The tissues are analyzed using a microchipping process, after which the result is processed on a computer.

The MammaPrint test is recommended for patients with stage 1 and 2 breast cancer who have no more than three positive lymph nodes with a tumor no larger than five centimeters. In this case, the hormonal status of the malignant tumor does not matter.

If there is a risk of recurrence or metastases, women may be prescribed additional compulsory treatment in the form of chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

If there is a need for treatment or examination in Israel, we fully organize the patient's departure, from legal issues to meeting at the airport and escort to the clinic. If you want to ask questions about histological studies or other services, call or write - our specialists will be happy to help you!

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