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How is the diagnosis re-checked?

Verification of the diagnosis made as a result of histological studies of biomaterial is necessary for maximum confidence in the reliability of the analyzes. Even such a highly accurate diagnostic method as histology cannot give one hundred percent result, therefore, the diagnosis is often subjected to additional verification. It is carried out by a completely different pathomorphologist in order to completely eliminate diagnostic flaws, as well as check the effectiveness of the prescribed treatment.

Diagnosis can be checked in Ukrainian and foreign medical centers with a good reputation. The main condition is the availability of an appropriate laboratory base and a staff of specialists with many years of experience. The accuracy and progressiveness of the equipment used play an important role, since the study of samples is carried out using a super-powerful microscope.

When can you check the diagnosis?

You can re-check the diagnosis at any time, since histological preparations can be stored for many years and do not lose their original characteristics and structure. They can be transported as safely as possible to any laboratory in the country without the risk of sample changes.

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