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Online consultation with an oncologist

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Online consultation with an oncologist. How much does it cost to consult a doctor from Israel?

Saving is not the best companion to health and that is why you should not rely on it when choosing a clinic when there is a danger of serious pathology. High-quality and quick diagnosis of the disease, along with the choice of the correct treatment strategy that allows you to defeat the disease, are the cornerstones that ensure the positive dynamics of therapy and the restoration of health. Sadly, but modern domestic medicine lags behind foreign in many ways, forcing people to seek help in hospitals abroad.

BK Medical Logistic offers an innovative solution - online oncologist consultation. This allows not only to obtain an expert assessment of the test results and the diagnosis, but also to adjust the already pre-formed treatment strategy. Thanks to the symbiosis of free access to the World Wide Web and the professionalism of certified Israeli doctors, it is possible to diagnose cancer in real time, as well as get answers to questions about the disease, from anywhere in our country with the help of an online consultation of an oncologist.

Benefits of an online consultation with an oncologist

The Internet offers more and more opportunities every month, allowing by now even a consultation with an oncologist thousands of kilometers away. And there are several reasons for this:



Professor Chaim Gutman - oncologist, surgeon online consultation price - $ 780
Professor Yaakov Schechter - oncologist, dermatologist online consultation price - $ 1100
Dr. Shmuel Levit - endocrinologist online consultation price - $ 600
Dr. Sagi Arnof - neurosurgeon online consultation price - $ 900
Dr. Irina Stefanski - oncologist online consultation price - $ 700
Dr. Ella Tepper - Oncologist online consultation price - $ 700
Dr. David Lurie - heart surgeon online consultation price - $ 700
Dr. Benjamin Bender - orthopedic surgeon online consultation price - $ 600
Dr. Shimon Rohkind - spinal surgeon price consul Online consultations - $ 1100

Of all doctors, most often, patients seek an online consultation with an oncologist, because cancer is one of the three most deadly diseases, after problems with blood vessels and heart. To confirm the pathology and diagnosis in oncology, you first need to show medical documents about the histology of the neoplasm, blood samples for tumor markers, decoding of the results of mri and CT. After that, all information is carefully analyzed, after which the client, during an online consultation with an oncologist, is informed about the absence of pathologies or about its presence and methods of dealing with it.

To consult with a neurosurgeon, you need to send digital data on the studies of the brain /spinal cord, you will also need an extract from the radiologist. The doctor, having compared all the data, during an online consultation will give an expert opinion on the methods of treatment and the need for an operation.

Diseases of the heart and blood vessels are leading in the list of causes of death, and that is why cardiologists are one of the most demanded doctors anywhere the world. The patient will need the results of angiography, ECG and measurements in stressful situations. In real time, you are given the opportunity to tell, ask about deviations in health and get a clear and comprehensive answer.

The disaster of the 21st century - that's how WHO calls diabetes mellitus and for this it has there is every reason: only according to official statistics, 8.5% of people have an extract with this diagnosis on hand. Fortunately, some of the most qualified endocrinologists in the world work in Israel, while they are ready to advise citizens of the former CIS via Skype. Before an online consultation with a doctor, for fruitful communication, you need to send in advance data on blood sampling for sugar and hormones, as well as an extract and an ultrasound scan of the thyroid gland.

If there are serious deviations in the work of the ODA, we recommend that you contact an orthopedist for an online consultation. After analyzing the obtained tomography and X-ray data, an Israeli doctor will tell you about the most effective strategies for dealing with the ailment that has arisen.

Online consultation with an oncologist

What you need to know before going to an Israeli private hospital, to see doctors with a narrow profile?

Before an online consultation with an oncologist or other doctor you will need:

Online consultation with Israeli doctors and oncologists:

Online consultation, neurosurgery

In order to consult with a neurosurgeon effectively, you need to prepare a number of documents.

Documents required for online consultation:

Doctors, neurosurgeons providing online consultation:

Online consultation, cardiology

In order for a consultation with a cardiologist to be effective, you need to prepare a number of documents.

For an online consultation with a cardiologist, it is desirable to show:

Doctor, cardiologist providing online consultation:

Online orthopedic consultation

In order for the orthopedic consultation to be effective, you need to prepare a number of documents.

For an orthopedic doctor, you must first send:

Doctor, orthopedic consultant online:

Online consultation with a spinal surgeon

To consult a surgeon was effective, you need to prepare a number of documents.

For online consultation, you need to have in advance:

Doctors providing online consultation:

Online consultation of a diabetologist and endocrinologist

To consult with a diabetologist and endocrinologist was effective, you need to prepare a number of documents.

For an online consultation with a doctor, you must provide:

Doctor providing online consultation:

Standard process of online consultation with an oncologist or online consultation other doctor

In cases where the client considers it necessary to go to Israel for treatment , we take care of all organizational issues. Just call or leave a request on the website - we will dispel all your doubts and give an exact answer about the probable illness! ATTENTION! All calls to the numbers indicated on the website, as well as consultation with the manager by phone, are FREE!

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