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Consultation with an oncologist

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Consultation with an oncologist in Kiev


Consultation with an oncologist may be necessary for many reasons. Often, the patient is referred to the oncologist by doctors of a narrower specialization - gynecologists, urologists, neuropathologists, dermatologists and others. This is done in order to exclude or confirm cancer pathology and to prescribe the most effective and timely treatment.


When is an oncologist's consultation necessary?


Consultation with an oncologist is necessary in cases where alarming symptoms appear:

At the slightest manifestation of these factors, you should seek the advice of an oncologist!


Who will benefit from an oncologist's consultation?


Competent consultation with an oncologist in Kiev will help to detect the development of pathology at the initial stages and develop the most adequate plan of treatment with the highest level of effectiveness. Seeking help on time can significantly increase your chances of complete recovery.

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