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Modern immunohistochemistry is the main fairly accurate and informative method for diagnosing cancer. Today, this method is the most affordable, therefore it is widely used in various laboratories. Due to its versatility, immunohistochemical diagnostics is used for a thorough examination of biological tissues and cells when there is even the slightest suspicion of the presence of abnormal formations.


What is immunohistochemical analysis?


Experts have established the fact that cancer cells in the process of their functioning and development produce unique proteins, in other words - antigens that are able to bind antibodies. Immunohistochemical studies are based on this principle, and involve the treatment of the analyzed sample with antibodies that interact with cancer cells. This leads to their glow, noticeable under the most powerful equipment.


Highly effective immunohistochemical study is prescribed for the following purposes:



Informative immunohistology has proven itself well in diagnosing the causes of female infertility, failed pregnancies and diseases of the reproductive system.


Immunohistochemical method: application features


For histo-analysis by biopsy, a tissue fragment is taken, which is placed in a special suspension for further transportation to the laboratory. Ultrathin sections are made from the sample, treated with a solution with antibodies and placed under a powerful microscope for further analysis. Immunohistochemistry, the price of which is quite acceptable, gives the result in a week or two.


Immunohistochemical analysis of a tumor is most often prescribed for suspected cancers of the breast and uterus. This test allows you to determine the presence of cells that prevent healthy conception. At the same time, the results of the study allow us to establish how the endometrium will respond to stimulation by hormones, which will help to make the right decision when prescribing adequate treatment.

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