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Delivery of histology to Israel

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Delivery of histology to Israel

We provide a direct way to send histological material (slides /blocks) to the best pathomorphological laboratories in Israel.


How is the delivery of histology to Israel, Kiev or Moscow?


  1. You call us or leave a request
  2. Transfer case histories and materials for revision to our office
  3. We send documents and materials to the laboratory in Israel
  4. The laboratory conducts histological immunohistochemical molecular analyzes
  5. We organize an online Skype consultation with an Israeli specialist
  6. Sending all materials and documents to Ukraine, with the conclusion of an Israeli pathologist


Delivery of histology to Israel, price:


The cost of delivery (glasses /blocks) of histology to Israel, as well as from Israel to Moscow and Kiev:

IMPORTANT! We understand the importance of the process and take delivery issues with full responsibility. Your histological materials are sent exclusively by courier and passed from hand to hand.

If Israel is expensive for you, contact us anyway

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