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medical assistant consultation

Free initial consultation with a specialist until the end of the month!

To get the consultation

Why do I need a specialist consultation?

A patient comes to the clinic for a reason. There is always one or another reason behind this want to make sure that the drugs recommended by the specialist are really suitable.

  • You want a second opinion to make a choice. After all, they don’t joke with health!
  • You would like to get tested, just in case.
  • If you came to this page, then you have already inquired about specialist advice or medication . You may have even considered the option of treatment in Israel .

    In any case, today we are here to dispel your doubts and bring into your life absolute clarity about your health !

    Free app safely records your doctor's visits

    Everything costs money today. We offer free initial consultation with a specialist , because we understand how important it is to hear the opinion of a competent specialist.

    If you really would like to consult a specialist, just leave a request by clicking on the "Get consultation" button . Our manager will contact you and specify a convenient time for you by making an appointment in Kiev or by organizing an online consultation if you are in another city.

    Hurry up! The offer is valid until the end of the month. Therefore, stop postponing health care for later.

    If Israel is expensive for you, contact us anyway

    since consultation is free , and the medlogist is a medical navigator