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medical assistant consultation

Professor Andrei Keidar

Ichilov Clinic (Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center)
Israel, Tel Aviv

Head of the Department of Laparoscopic and Bariatric Surgery, Beilinson MC.

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One of the best specialists in the field of performing laparoscopic interventions on the organs of the digestive tract. 

- Therapy of diseases of oncological and non-oncological nature of ENT organs; 
- Organ-preserving surgery for oncological diseases of the throat, cavity and sinuses of the nose; 
- Surgical methods of treatment of oncology of the glands of the neck; 
- Therapy of oncopathology of the glands of the oral cavity; 
- Microsurgery of the cervical spine.


Materials and documents required before consulting a doctor:

  • MRI disc.
  • MRI report.
  • Mandatory - information about the general condition of the patient at the time of the visit.
  • A copy of the passport (internal or international passport).



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