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Dr. Elena Chertok Shaham

Dr. Elena Chertok Shaham is one of the most outstanding professionals in diabetes and diseases related.

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Information about the doctor

Work experience

2014 - present: HaEmek Medical Center, Endocrinology Clinic, Afula, Israel, Senior Physician at the Clinic.

2014 - present: HaEmek Medical Center, Therapy Department, Afula, Israel, Senior Physician of the Department.

2013-2014 Emergency Department, Senior Physician. Head of Outpatient Department, HaEmek Medical Center, Afula.

2010-2013 Specialization in Endocrinology, Endocrinology Unit, HaEmek Medical Center, Afula.

2007- 2010 HaEmek Medical Center, Emergency Department, Afula, Senior Physician, Department.

2002-2007 Residency, Internal Medicine Department, HaEmek Medical Center, Afula, resident.

2000-2002 Medical Center "RAMBAM", Haifa, Department of Internal Medicine, therapist on duty in the Department of Hematology.

1999-2000 Medical Center "RAMBAM", Haifa, internship, intern.

Research Interests

  • Diabetes and glucocorticoids
  • Diabetes treatment upon admission to hospital.
  • Low carb diet and diabetes.
  • Treatment of diabetes in end-stage renal disease.
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