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Sheba Clinic

Israel, Ramat Gan

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Sheba Hospital, Israel.
All information about treatment at Sheba Hospital, Israel.

The well-known Sheba Clinic is part of the Tel Hashomer Medical Complex and is a state medical institution in Israel. The widest possibilities for high-precision diagnostics, progressive technologies and an innovative integrated approach to the treatment of diseases of various severity have made Sheba hospital the flagship of modern medicine.

The undoubted highest level of development of medicine in Israel attracts a huge number of patients from all over the world. ... The medical staff of Sheba Hospital in Israel are world-renowned doctors who have become famous for the successful application of revolutionary methods of treatment.

Why is Sheba Hospital in Israel so popular all over the world?

  • Sheba Clinic is the largest medical complex in the Middle East and the only center in Israel that is trusted by the American FWA and grants the rights to conduct advanced research in medicine.
  • Only the best of the best work at Sheba Clinic - selected graduates of medical universities come here and undergo specialization in a unique program lasting four years.
  • The staff of Sheba Clinic in Israel consists of more than 1,000 highly qualified doctors and almost 6,000 medical personnel. responsible for the effective treatment, comfort and administrative aspects of the institution.
  • Every year 107,000 patients are hospitalized at Sheba Hospital, who undergo diagnostics, complex treatment, and rehabilitation here. The annual budget of the tests and checks is $320 million.
  • The bone marrow transplant center, which is one of the largest and most productive in Europe, deserves special attention. Today, stem cell transplants are also performed here.

Whom do we advise to contact the Sheba clinic in Israel for treatment?

  • Patients with a complex or unidentified diagnosis, requiring an integrated approach and the participation of specialists from various fields of medicine.
  • Patients who prefer advanced technologies and trust the latest modern developments in the field of medicine.
  • Patients who wish to undergo treatment in the largest medical centers, where they practice a systematic approach and have everything for the effective treatment of any disease known to science.

Among the patients of Sheba Clinic are diplomats, politicians, public leaders and famous personalities of Israel, the USA, Russia, Ukraine and the countries of the European Union.

Anyone can get an accurate diagnosis, effective treatment and rehabilitation at Sheba Hospital! BK Medical Logistic accompanies patients and their relatives from the moment they contact us for help, to boarding a plane to go home after treatment in Israel. Any questions and problems are solved by us - you just take care of your health and rest!

The impressive scale of the Sheba clinic some implies that patients and their relatives may face - queues to the doctor, moving around the departments hospitals.
We thoroughly know how the administrative system of Sheba Hospital works, therefore we guarantee our clients maximum comfort during their stay in the clinic. Treatment will begin as soon as you arrive in Israel, because we value your time, nerves and finances!

How to get treatment at Sheba clinic in Israel

If you are interested in the price and possibility of treatment at Sheba clinic - leave a request or call us. We are ready to organize appointments and treatment at the Sheba clinic without queues and long stays in Israel. Calls and consultations are free!

Derech Sheba 2, Ramat Gan, Israel
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