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Hadassah Clinic

Israel, Jerusalem

The main departments of the clinic:

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The Hadassah Clinic is one of the largest hospitals in Israel.


Israeli The full name of the clinic is Hadassah Ein Kerem.

The Hadassah Clinic has been a member of the American Hospital Association for several years and a deserved leader among Israeli cancer centers.

Patients with the most difficult diseases and ambiguous diagnoses from all over the world. Thanks to advanced technologies, high-precision diagnostics and a systematic approach, treatment at the Hadassah Clinic is considered very effective.

The Hadassah Ein Kerem Clinic is not only a hospital with 1,149 beds. It includes schools for training future specialists and laboratory research centers, where analyzes are carried out using state-of-the-art equipment. Annually, within the walls of the Hadassah-Ein-Kerem clinic, more than 3.7 million checks and about 390 thousand examinations (MRI, ultrasound, CT and others) are performed.

Specialists of the Hadassah clinic

The patients of the clinic receive first-class service and quality treatment from the really best experts in their field. The staff of the Hadassah clinic is a team of 850 highly qualified doctors who regularly undergo training in the largest reputable clinics in Europe, Canada and the United States, honing their practical skills to perfection and expanding their knowledge.

Arriving for treatment in clinic "Hadassah-Ein-Kerem", any patient (citizen of Israel or another country) can be 100% sure that they will receive comprehensive care and treatment of a premium level, in which only advanced techniques will be applied.

What are the advantages of the Hadassah clinic?

  • Uncompromising quality of treatment due to an integrated approach and the use of the latest discoveries in the field of medicine.
  • Innovative medical equipment and constant scientific research based on the Hadassah clinic make it possible to introduce the most effective methods of treatment.
  • Known for their pedantry and readiness for revolutionary approaches, Israeli doctors take on the most difficult cases that are beyond the power of many specialists.
  • The staff of the Hadassah Ein Kerem clinic have a wealth of experience in treating foreign patients. Here, optimal conditions have been created for patients and their relatives, which guarantees comfortable treatment and accommodation on the territory of the complex.
  • The price of treatment in the Hadassah clinic is much cheaper than in American or European clinics of this level. Do not forget that the Israeli Hadassah clinic is state-owned, which means that the price is regulated by the Ministry of Health.

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Jerusalem, Israel
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