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Rambam Clinic

Israel, Haifa

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Rambam Medical Center - Successful Treatment of Any Disease!

Israeli Medical institutions have long been renowned for their professional and effective approach to the treatment of a wide variety of diseases. One of the most famous medical centers, where millions of lives have been saved and the health of patients from all over the world has been restored, is the Rambam clinic. It has a well-deserved authority - this is evidenced by the numerous grateful responses from the patients of the Rambam Medical Center, who found their salvation here.

What is the secret of the success and popularity of the Rambam Medical Center?

Doctors and staff of the Rambam clinic.

Highly qualified specialists work here, whose experience known far beyond Israel.

The Rambam Medical Center is named after the wise philosopher and professional physician Moses Maimonides, who made many discoveries in medical practice in the 12th century. This center was founded in 1938.

4 thousand employees make every effort to ensure that patients leave the hospital completely healthy. Among them, only 715 doctors are the luminaries of the medical industry.

The approach to treatment in Israel and the Rambam clinic.

There are several main principles in the work of the Rambam clinic, which contribute only to a positive result:

  • Timely prevention of diseases - it is much easier to prevent a disease than to spend time and money on long-term treatment.
  • Do not abuse medications unnecessarily.
  • A kind word and respect for the patient is half of a successful treatment.
  • Making a correct diagnosis is the golden rule of every doctor in the clinic.

The scale of the Rambam clinic.

The Rambam Medical Center is one of the largest state multidisciplinary centers in which is engaged in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of patients of any age! This center is located in the north of Israel, in the city of Haifa. It serves more than two million Israelis and patients from many other countries every year. A medical institution can simultaneously accept a thousand patients: 36 inpatient departments, 45 medical and diagnostic departments, 10 institutes, 6 laboratories and many other departments - this is all the Rambam Medical Center.

The latest equipment of the medical center.

The Rambam Clinic specializes in such areas of medicine as cardiology, traumatology, pediatrics, neurosurgery. The best surgeons of the clinic perform complex operations that doctors of other clinics do not risk doing.About 22 thousand successful operations annually - this result cannot but amaze!

The Rambam Clinic is also famous for its effective methods of treating oncology. New developments and modern equipment help to treat cancer even in the last stages!

Comfortable treatment conditions.

The patients of the Rambam clinic stay in modern premises, where it is always clean, cozy and comfortable. The medical staff always treats their patients with respect and care, especially the little ones. Children's Medical Center "Mayer", located on the territory of the clinic, works in all areas of pediatrics. So even young patients receive not only professional medical care, but also comfortable conditions that contribute to a quick and effective recovery.

The Rambam clinic is constantly looking for new methods of treatment.

Medical Center "Rambam" closely cooperates with medical faculties of the most famous universities in the country, with institutes and other scientific institutions for the purpose of scientific research. Thanks to common research, many discoveries have been made that have saved the lives of thousands of patients.

Rambam's glorious history and today's success make it truly one of the most sought-after medical institutions in Israel. Patients from all over the world come here in the hope of a quick recovery, regardless of the form of the disease and the problems that brought them here. And get the desired result! After all, everything in the Rambam medical center contributes to the rapid recovery of strength - both the experience of doctors, and comfortable conditions, and an attentive attitude towards patients. And professional rehabilitation is one of the main factors for the successful completion of treatment.

Treatment at the Rambam clinic in Israel

If as an option for treatment in Israel you are considering the Rambam clinic, we will be happy to advise you and provide you with all the necessary information about the Rambam medical center and other clinics in Israel.

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