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Pd l1 testing

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PD L1 test - what is it?

PD1 is a protein that is formed as a result of the development of cancerous malignant cells. Its detection makes it possible to diagnose the presence of pathologies at the cellular level. PD-L1 is a ligand for this protein that is produced to trick immune cells. This is so that the body's defenses are weakened before cancer. By blocking pd l1, you can achieve a stable result in the treatment of oncology.

Testing of biomaterial for pd l1 expression is carried out in specialized laboratories, which have the necessary reagents and high-precision modern equipment. Today, pd l1 testing is prescribed to cancer patients whose disease progressed during and after the prescribed therapy.

The main goal of the pdl 1 biological marker is to identify cancer patients who will most likely benefit from drug treatment Atezolizumab. This medicine is used to treat cancers of the lungs, kidneys, and breast. Effective treatment associated with pd l1 gives really positive results in difficult cases. However, this requires a comprehensive approach to treatment and high-precision diagnostics.

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