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What is a PAP test?

The Pap test is a gynecological examination at the cellular level, which has a high level of accuracy and informational content. Today, dads take a smear for cytology without fail during the examination of the patient on the gynecological chair. It is the pap test that allows you to determine the smallest changes in the nature of the vagina at the cellular level, which can cause the subsequent development of cancerous tumors. Detection of pathological processes at an early stage will allow you to make an adequate decision in the appointment of effective treatment.

To whom, when and why is the dad analysis performed?

As we age, the risk of cervical cancer increases, so dad tests should be done regularly. It should be noted that the risk does not decrease with the onset of menopause.

How is the PAP test taken?

A smear is taken from the surface layer of the cervix uterus with a professional spatula. The material is applied to a special glass and sent to the laboratory for further study. There it is stained according to the pap test method and examined for abnormalities in the structure and development of cells.

You can take a smear at any time, except for the period of menstruation. Two days before going to the gynecologist, you should avoid sexual intercourse, the use of vaginal creams, suppositories, douches.

Analysis of the PAP test: evaluation of the results

There are five stages of gynecological pathology.

  1. First - there are no abnormal cells, the patient's health is normal.
  2. Second - there is an inflammatory process, the presence of infection.
  3. Third - there are several abnormal cells that can cause oncology.
  4. Fourth - clear pathological changes in the cells are found, a biopsy is prescribed without fail.
  5. Fifth - cancer cells are clearly visible, and there can be no doubt about the diagnosis.

However, despite the great accuracy, the pap test based on liquid cytology is not the only basis for setting diagnosis. In addition, other tests are always prescribed, which together help to confirm the result.

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