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Mammary gland histology

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What is breast histology?

Breast histology is the final stage of a complete examination of the patient. It shows the slightest changes in oncological nature and the development of pathology in the tissues. The results of histological analysis are of the highest accuracy and reliability, so they become the basis for diagnosing cancer.

Why do breast histology?

Histology examines the mammary glands for the presence or absence of benign formations and oncological tumors. The study helps to determine the properties, developmental characteristics and nature of neoplasms. It is indicated in the following cases:

How is breast histology performed?

Modern histology of breast cancer involves two ways of obtaining samples:

  1. Aspiration biopsy (using the finest needle).
  2. Incisional biopsy (taking a fragment gland with a slice).

What allows you to see the result of breast histology?

Breast histology will allow identify the development of benign and dangerous cancers, which will help to make the correct diagnosis and develop a comprehensive treatment plan.

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