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Analysis of Нer2 neu

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What is the her2 neu test?

The modern her2 neu test is prescribed for every patient diagnosed with breast cancer (BC). The significance of the results of this her2 neu test is very difficult to overestimate, because it is the foundation for choosing a further comprehensive treatment program.

HER 2 is epidermal cell growth factor receptors - a kind of gene that affects a protein that surrounds the surface of a cancer cell. It is this gene that promotes rapid and uncontrolled cell division, which causes the formation of oncology.

When the receptor activity is already very high, and division occurs at an accelerated rate, it is said about the positive her2 status. This is determined as a result of the her2 fish test, which detects abnormal cell development and disruption of their cycle. This phenomenon was noted in 25% of patients suffering from breast cancer. These tests are necessary for women with an already diagnosed breast cancer. Positive cancers are considered the most aggressive and develop fairly quickly. However, with timely and adequate treatment in more than 30% of cases, the positive status of the cancer is converted into a negative one.

The negative status is characterized by not an increased amount of the her2 gene and is detected in 70–75% of cancer patients. With this type of disease, traditional treatment with Herceptin gives low efficacy and is used extremely rarely.

How is her2 status determined?

To determine breast cancer status, two methods are used:

  1. Immunohistochemical analysis. Its results are shown in points: 0-1 - the tumor does not respond to Herceptin; 3 - oncology is sensitive to this drug. If the result of the study is 2 points, then the second option of analyzes is assigned.
  2. Fish her2 test, which has a high level of accuracy in diagnosing an increased level of receptors in abnormal cells. To conduct a fish her2 study, a sample of tissue from the gland is taken from the patient, which is examined under a fluorescent microscope under laboratory conditions. A piece of tissue is fixed, special marks are put on it to determine the presence of pathologies in the development of cells.

How accurate is her2 neu analysis?

The her2 neu fish analysis method is as accurate as possible, but it costs much more than a standard study. Fish her2 analyzes can be performed in the first phase of the operation, or tissue samples from past biopsies can be used.

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