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Stomach histology

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What is gastric histology?

Stomach histology is a highly effective means of diagnosing many diseases of the digestive system. This methodology gives the specialist a wonderful opportunity to quickly make the correct diagnosis and develop a plan of effective treatment procedures.

Histological examination of the stomach

Modern histological a study of the stomach is mandatory when a specialist has the slightest suspicion of cancer. The results of histology give a clear picture of the nature of the neoplasm, its structure, developmental characteristics and the level of danger. Stomach histology studies at the cell level and allows you to quickly detect and identify any accumulations of cells. Such an analysis is prescribed for the following indications:

How is the histology of the stomach going?

A sample for histology is taken during endoscopy. There should be at least six such samples for a reliable result. Fragments of gastric tissue are sent under a powerful microscope, where they are thoroughly examined for the presence or absence of oncopathology.

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