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Lung histology

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Lung histology is considered a highly accurate method for determining the presence of dangerous and benign formations in the respiratory organs. The level of accuracy in detecting disease-causing cells and the pathology of their development is the maximum in this methodology. Therefore, lung histology is widely used by medical specialists for the correct diagnosis of cancer.

Histological examination of the lungs

Modern histological examination of the lungs is prescribed , if the specialist has the slightest suspicion about the presence of dangerous cancers, the development of sarcoidosis, infectious lesions and other ailments of the respiratory system.

Methods of histology of patients

Today there are two methods of sampling for lung histology:

  1. Fibrobronchoscopy - for taking small tissue samples.
  2. Open lung biopsy. Requires thoracotamia and is used to collect a large piece of lung tissue. Differs in maximum efficiency and accuracy.

Based on the results of the histological analysis, a conclusion is formed, which is the basis for a highly accurate diagnosis. The medical specialist determines the degree of tissue pathology and develops a comprehensive treatment with the highest percentage of effectiveness.

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