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Analysis for cytology

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Cytology is a special science that gives a general idea of ​​the structure of cells and certain cellular structures. Modern cytological studies make it possible to deeply study atypical changes in cells and tissues, to determine the presence or absence of a dangerous pathology. The results of such analyzes are highly informative and accurate enough to diagnose serious diseases. Therefore, cytology and its principles are widely used in making the most correct diagnoses and developing an adequate treatment plan.

Analysis for cytology: when is it prescribed?

The cytological conclusion obtained as a result of laboratory studies allows us to answer many important questions, the main of which is - "are there malignant formations in the body?", and if so, "what is their nature and stage of development?" /p>

An effective cytological examination is prescribed in the following cases:

Histology and cytology: what are the advantages of these studies?

Cytology for atypical cells is widely used in modern gynecology and It has shown its high efficiency with positive dynamics in reducing the percentage of cervical cancer diseases. Among the advantages of this research method are:

Innovative methods of cytological studies involve an in-depth analysis of biomaterials: fluid secretions and flushes from various organs; punctures taken with a thin needle; prints and thinnest sections obtained for histological tests. All these samples are sent to the histological laboratory for further detailed study.

The cytology test will allow, in a fairly quick time, to get the most accurate picture of the development of abnormal processes in tissues and cells, to identify the presence of benign and malignant formations. The results of cytological studies are the main foundation for making the most accurate diagnosis, which ultimately helps specialists to develop an adequate treatment plan with the highest efficiency.

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