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BRAF test

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What is BRAF analysis?


Braf is a specific protein that activates the intensive development of cells and the formation of a dangerous tumor. Mutations in the b raf gene are found in almost 50% of patients with melanoma, so it is so important to timely diagnose changes in the structure of cells and prevent their uncontrolled division.


The question "what is braf?" or "what is the braf mutation?" worries many. Braf mutation research is fundamental to defining a treatment for melanoma. There are several types of mutations in this gene, which are indicated by a combination of letters and numbers. The study of a certain type gives an answer to the question "is melanoma operable or not?". For this, tissue fragments are taken, and histology is performed, which gives a clear picture of the development of pathology and the state of cells.


If the presence of a progressive braf mutation is established in time, it is possible to increase the efficiency of melanoma cure, as well as therapy of its secondary foci of education. Today, targeted therapy for cancer significantly increases the survival rate of severe cancer patients. Therefore, an accurate diagnosis based on laboratory studies will be the key to effective treatment and full recovery in the future.

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