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Dr. Roni P. Dodyuk the bastard

Currently, Dr. Roni P. Dodyuk-Gad is the Deputy Head of the Department of Dermatology at the Ha-Emek Medical Center, Associate Professor at the Faculty of Medicine. Bruce Rappoport Technion (Israel Polytechnic Institute) and Research Fellow at the University of Toronto, Canada.

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Dr. Dodyuk Gad received her M.D. and graduated with honors from the Rappaport School of Medicine in Technion, Israel in 2002, receiving the Outstanding Achievement Award for her M.Sc. Following an excellent completion of her residency in Dermatology, she completed a 3-year clinical internship followed by a 4-year research internship in Advanced Medical Dermatology under Professor Neil H. Shire at the Department of Dermatology at the Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center at the University of Toronto, Canada. Dr. Roni P. Dodyuk-Gad is currently Associate Head of the Dermatology Department at Emek Medical Center in Israel, Clinical Assistant Professor at the Bruce Rappaport School of Medicine at the Technion Institute of Technology in Israel, and Associate Professor - by status only - at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto, Canada.

Dodyuk-Gad is the world opinion leader on adverse skin reactions to drugs and Darrieus's disease. She mentors students and residents in Israel and Canada and leads several research groups that focus on these topics. Dr. Dodyuk-Gad has significant international professional and academic connections. She is currently a member of the International Collaboration Research Steering Group on the planning and implementation of a randomized controlled trial for the treatment of Stevens-Johnson syndrome /toxic epidermal necrolysis. This project was funded by a US NIH trial planning grant and an additional grant from the NIH (2027 NATIENS: NIAID $2,509,648). Dr. Dodyuk-Gad is also heavily involved in the training of students and residents in both Israel and Canada; In August 2019, she created and led the International Telemedicine Rounds in Dermatology (ITRD), which are held under the auspices of the Canadian International Scientific Exchange Program.

Dodyuk-Gad has published over 40 manuscripts in leading journals in dermatology, 8 book chapters and co-editor of the first edition of Advances in Diagnosis and Management of Cutaneous Adverse Drug Reactions: Current and Future Trends, published by Springer-Nature in November 2018 Dr. Dodyuk-Gad has received numerous academic grants and awards. She was also selected by the Technion Alumni Association as one of the 40 Most Promising Young Alumni of the Technion, Israel in 2018. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Dr. Dodyuk-Gad successfully initiated and led an international platform for dermatologists to freely share knowledge - International Dermatologists Fighting Coronavirus Together, which includes about 700 dermatologists from 20 countries.

Roni P. Dodyuk-Gad, MD

Deputy Head of the Department of Dermatology, Emek Medical Center, Israel.

Clinical Associate Professor, Bruce Rappaport School of Medicine, Technion Institute of Technology, Israel.

Associate Professor - Status Only, School of Medicine, University of Toronto, Canada.

Head of the International Teleconference Dermatology (ITRD) for the Canadian International Science Exchange Program (CISEPO).

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